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Free home evaluations

The best way to learn more about us is to request a free home assessment. We're able to meet you, see your property and explain our subscription-based service. It takes about an hour, and we can usually provide a subscription price estimate during the visit. 

Service area

Map of service area

Click the map to see what areas we serve in Northern California and the Bay Area.

Great! We'll follow up with you very soon.
  • What additional services are available through Home Preservation?
    Small repair services General contracting services for large scale or complex repairs, remodels, and improvements Architectural design and planning Consulting & Design Review Interior Design Fully coordinated vendor repairs and services Absentee home checks Landscape maintenance, irrigation audit & repairs, hardscape, design, and improvements
  • What is included with the vendor/materials fee?
    Priority Scheduling Safety and Compliance Expenses Discounts Skilled and trusted workforce Warranties Payment Term Lien Protection Liability Protection
  • What services are included in the Home Preservation Subscription?
    Quarterly visits to perform seasonal checklists of preventive maintenance tasks. Ongoing inspections and prepare recommended action lists at every visit. Detailed record keeping of each visit. 24/7 emergency support. Vendor Referrals Access to professional small repair, troubleshooting, design planning, landscape, project management services, and project consulting, coordinated vendor services etc.
  • What is Home Preservation looking for during the Home Assessment?
    Overall condition of the home and all components General lifespan of existing materials and finishes Define locations of all access points for shut-offs, meters, electrical, plumbing and clean outs Define locations of equipment and appliances Collect data on all appliances, equipment, and their corresponding filters and needed replacement parts Identify and catalogue all areas requiring repair, update, or replacements


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