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Landscape Stewardship

Landscape Stewardship is a carefully crafted and tested system that provides affordable horticultural-level professional care. Our workers are well-trained, full-time employees led and managed by seasoned expert staff.

What is landscape

Our landscaping services are divided into three options, all offering unique services.

Landscape maintenance
  • Mowing and edging

  • Pruning, trimming & weeding

  • Fertilizing

  • Irrigation maintenance & auditing

  • Clean up & haul away

  • Thatching & aeration upon request

Landscape management
  • Plant frost protection

  • Landscape rehabilitation

  • Weed & gopher control

  • Mulching

  • Soil treatment & amendments

  • Plant replacement

  • Irrigation assessment

  • Irrigation adjustments/repairs

  • Irrigation zoning and management

  • Spray nozzle adjustment or replacing

  • Irrigation sprinkler, or drip system maintenance, repairs or upgrades

Landscape projects
  • Site visit & analysis

  • Design consultation

  • Architectural plan development

  • 3D graphic visualization

Projects may include:

  • Lighting installation

  • New landscape installation

  • Turf renovations

  • Seasonal flower design & planting

  • Hardscapes: Pools, driveways, fireplaces, patios, gazebos, walkways

  • Decks, fencing, gates, privacy walls


Free home evaluation

Our subscription-based service offers a free initial assessment. We'll make it easy for you to determine if we are the right home partner. 


It’s been amazing to experience turning this into “my home” with the help of the people that Home Preservation has brought in to make it happen - it feels very personal and like a true partnership. Thank you!

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