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In 1984, during his early building career, our founder Steve Spratt was deeply moved after witnessing rare and expensive redwood deck materials ruined prematurely through lack of maintenance. In response, Steve conceived, and began developing a system that would identify and perform all the maintenance needed for the typical homeowner.

The history of where we are today.

And where we’re going.

We are incredibly proud that many of the first homes that signed on in 1995 are still with us today.

With deep roots in the Los Altos/Palo Alto community, Home Preservation has served so many great homeowners including many who have helped grow and pioneer our magical Silicon Valley. As we look to expand outside of the Bay Area in the coming years, our subscriber base continues to grow right here at home. 


Serving the SF Bay Area

By 1995 the concept was fully developed, and Home Preservation Service began delivering the new Stewardship services to homeowners. Today we serve over 200 subscribers along the San Francisco Peninsula. 

Why people choose us.

Devoted team who loves what they do
Communication, integrity, caring, and humility
Subscribers get our full attention
Quality, durable craftsmanship
Constant innovation and knowledge sharing
In-house talent with
decades of experience

Free home evaluation

Our subscription-based service offers a free initial assessment. We'll make it easy for you to determine if we are the right home partner. 

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