Find out how we can help you maximize your investment and take back your weekends!

HPS Home Stewardship

Welcome to a new and better life, where your home is no longer an energy-sapping, never ending checklist.

Take back your weekends!

The HPS team is here to help you enjoy your home as the nurturing, stress-free retreat it should be, and ultimately maximize its performance as a high-value investment.

How we do it

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Find out how we can help you maximize your investment and take back your weekends!


Jeanne K. - The orchids are absolutely lovely. I have them in my living room where they brighten up the whole house and each sight of them reminds me of all of you wonderful people. Special thanks to Erin for bringing them right to the house. I’m so grateful for your thoughtfulness.

Chris H. - They are friendly. Their staff is concerned. They don’t do things the easy way. They do things the right way. It makes a difference because I don’t have to pay to have things done four or five times.


the Home Preservation Manual


The is the missing user guide for your home. With answers to questions like: how do I use it”, “How do I turn stuff on and off?”, “How do I take care of it” and, just as important, what not to do and why? this guide will help you find those answers and, in the process, become a better homeowner.

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