Find out how we can help you maximize your investment and take back your weekends!

    Home + Stewardship

    At HPS, your home is not a project, it's a priority.

    Our mission is to help homeowners live better by realizing the benefits of a safe and nurturing home. We’ve been doing this for over 25 years and we’re only getting better.

    Why We Do It

    An innovative approach

    HPS thinks differently from every other construction company. Instead of reacting to problems after the damage is done, HPS believes in Stewardship for your home – preventing issues from becoming problems.

    How We Do It

    Preventing issues before they become problems

    We provide convenient and proactive services that avoid problems. We deliver the services with friendly, knowledgeable, and reliable systems and personnel.

    What We Do

    Your key to a hassle free home

    We ensure your home receives prompt services and needed repairs. Our special projects division is available when upgrades or more significant construction are requested. Your home remains hassle-free and in the most comfortable, and valuable condition possible.

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    Find out how we can help you maximize your investment and take back your weekends!


    L. S. - We selected HPS as our preferred contractor and service provider a little over 10 years ago. We have enjoyed a long relationship, and we trust and value your team members very much. Tonight you and your team distinguished themselves in ways that we  could never imagine. We left for about an hour tonight between 6:15 and 7:15 to run errands. When we returned, the house had been entered by forcibly breaking a windows, all rooms had been searched, and numerous items were stolen. I called HPS at 8:30 pm and your team arrived within about 45 minutes - with everything that they needed to clean up the broken glass, clean out the window and put up the plywood to cover the window. Truly, we cannot thank all of you enough after such a stressful evening.   We are very grateful and want you to know how much this means to us to have this type of commitment and dedication.  Danny, Manny, Rafael, Jesus, Maurico, Adam and everyone that has worked at our house over these years have been thorough, friendly, talented and helpful.

    Tammy and Dimitri G. - Thank you for the help that you and your team have given us in the last year. It is reassuring to know that we have your help in maintaining our home.

    Steve and Diana - As HPS customers, we really value both the proactive service plan, and the HPS expertise to repair the home when unexpected events happen. When we were out of town attending to my father in hospital care, we learned that our rental property had water coming into living room during a January rainstorm. With one phone call to HPS repair team, they were able to take care of the problem ( broken roof tile ) and schedule follow up work to repair internal wallboard and paint. Tenants appreciated the immediate fix and the longer term repair in professional hands.

    Jeanne K. - The orchids are absolutely lovely. I have them in my living room where they brighten up the whole house and each sight of them reminds me of all of you wonderful people. Special thanks to Erin for bringing them right to the house. I’m so grateful for your thoughtfulness.

    Chris H. - They are friendly. Their staff is concerned. They don’t do things the easy way. They do things the right way. It makes a difference because I don’t have to pay to have things done four or five times.


    the Home Preservation Manual


    The website is the missing user guide for your home. Explore the library of articles and feathers that answer to questions like: how do I use it”, “How do I turn stuff on and off?”, “How do I take care of it” and, just as important, what not to do and why? this online guide will help you find those answers and, in the process, become a better homeowner.