Tired of mowing your lawn?

Dislike mow and blow services? Take back your weekends with Lawnbott, a tireless, nearly silent lawn mowing robot. 

If lawn mowing can be made sexy and fun…count on the Italians to do it.  Lawnbott is a sleek, Italian-designed electric robot lawn mower that will tirelessly keep your grass trimmed to your specification automatically while you do…well, nothing.

I have to admit being skeptical when I first heard of this. After all, I mowed lawns as a kid so I understand the professionalism required to do the job right. But the Lawnbott people seemed to have really thought this through. Now, after my first installation and a month of mowing, I can tell you I’m a real raving Lawnbott fan.

Lawnbott uses a perimeter wire (like an invisible dog fence) to keep it contained within an area. It does not mow in a pattern. I mows randomly and changes direction when it encounters an obstruction or the edge of the lawn. Working this way a 2000 square foot lawn can be totally covered in about 3 hours. Here is the good part, it can be programmed to follow the wire to go to as many as 4 separate areas, even crossing sidewalks to custom mow each one. It can work for about four hours on a charge and when it gets low on battery will head back to its station to recharge itself automatically. How cool is that? It can be programmed as easily as a coffee maker and will uncomplainingly work within your schedule.

I know what your asking yourself. So what if…

It rains?

The dog attacks it?

The kids try to play with it?

It runs into something left on the lawn?

If the lawn is not level?

It goes berserk and ends up in the pool?

It runs over a squirrel?

Answer: no problem… all these contingencies and more are handled, just read the specs on the Lawnbott website!

Lawn care has moved into the future and now its finally fun! Watching this darn thing work just brings a smile to my face 🙂