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Mauricio Grande, Jr.

35 years of durable residential design, sustainable construction and creating systems to improve longevity of the built environment. My philosophy on home ownership: “To maximize the value and enjoyment of your property, keep it as if you had to sell it tomorrow.”

Developed RainTube/RainSpace–innovative subsurface cistern, drainage and gutter protection products made from recycled HDPE. Rain tube was one of first 15 Cradle-to-Cradle Gold certified products in world. Used to control, capture, storage and reuse of rainwater.

Consultant for Net-Zero construction and advanced sustainable and healthy building projects. A Green Speaker on the topics of re-examining existing building practices for sustainability and

utilizing effective rain water control for improved structural durability and the collection valuable water resources.

Committed to help make our built environment healthier and to provide sustainable solutions to improve our dwindling, fresh water resources.

Specialties: Healthy/sustainable building project management, preventive maintenance systems; rainwater harvesting accredited professional. Rainwater, rain gutter and control systems, rain garden, water storage and infiltration systems, recycled plastics, Cradle to Cradle design and certification.