Home Stewardship Program

Recurring seasonal maintenance services

Home Stewardship Plan

  • 260 Point Service Plan
  • Quarterly Service Appointments
  • Built-In Regular Inspections
  • Recommended Action Plan
  • Optional Light Bulb Supply Kit
  • Optional Healthy Home Protection by Healthy Building Science
  • 24/7 Emergency Response

HOME STEWARDSHIP is a concept that has been developed by HPS for over 20 years. It is founded on the principles of sustainability. Our technicians are STEWARDS of your home, your community and our planet. We believe that providing proper maintenance services for our existing inventory of properties is a very powerful act of environmental conservation. Preserving the existing environment that we have already paid so dearly for in capital, natural resources and energy is not only the responsible thing to do, but is also a highly sustainable act. Homes that operate efficiently use less water and energy. Well maintained homes last longer and require fewer repairs meaning less raw materials and energy are needed for replacement parts. Additionally, homes in good condition are safer and far more enjoyable to live in. Valuing what we have and making it work better and last longer is good for the environment and our mental health.

Stewardship Healthy Home Protection

The ultimate preventative maintenance program would be incomplete without the support of expert inspection of health hazards such as mold, mildew and asbestos.


Stewardship Light Bulb Supply Kit

This optional service offers a complete indoor and outdoor bulb inventory program to guarantee the HPS Steward will always have the bulb they need on hand. With the HPS Supply Kit, our clients conserve on time, gas, and money that would otherwise be spent on trips to retrieve specialty bulbs during a maintenance visit or in between the periods of our quarterly Maintenance visits.

Supply Kits are available with a $250 one-time fee and include:

  • 10% discount on bulbs from Batteries & Bulbs, Sunnyvale, CA
  • 1-4 hour walkthrough to inventory the details of every fixture and lamp, both indoor and outdoor
  • Free expert advice on lighting options from David Holl, owner of Batteries & Bulbs (Includes modern LED lighting demonstrations and information on request)
  • Map of home with corresponding list of bulb locations and types
  • Organized, labeled storage delivered to your home on or before your first or next maintenance visit