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    Product Alert! Subzero Refrigerator Ice Maker Filter Service Light Error

    Product Alert! Subzero Refrigerator Ice Maker Filter Service Light Error

    Subzero products that are equipped with built-in ice makers suffer from a chronic and widespread defect.

    These appliances are equipped with a separate water filter for the ice maker and a “change filter” reminder light comes on when it is time to install a new filter. Unfortunately, changing the filter does not reset the reminder light and there is no way to do so manually without a Sub-zero technician visit that can cost many hundreds of dollars. Even if the reminder light has been reset it will happen again. HPS changes the filters on schedule for all these units but subscriber will experience the “change filter” light remaining on regardless.

    Subzero has not offered a solution to this problem so we are notifying our clients that this annoying defect exists.

    As a service to our subscribers, HPS has created an effective, safe and less costly work-around for the problem

    1. We remove the dedicated Subzero filter. This turns off the service light but keeps water flowing to the ice maker so that it functions properly.
    2. We then install a separate (and higher quality) in-line water filter on the main refrigerator water line.
    3. The new water filter is less costly than the Subzero model and we will replace the filter regularly in the future during our normal visit with no additional effort.
    4. The annoying service filter light remains off.

    We are able to perform the new in-line filter installation for a one-time charge that is usually less than $250. This will permanently resolve the issue.

    Kindly let us know if you are interested and we will make arrangements to install.

    Email us at or call us at (888) 844-0007.