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    A comprehensive and dedicated portfolio of licensed and insured construction services available 24x7

    While our core business is Stewardship, HPS also provides small repair and large construction services our clients who have need of getting things done and done right. HPS has always been a licensed general contractor and our experience now spans nearly 38 years. HPS Special Projects and repair services are reserved exclusively for our Stewardship clients. Many clients have existing relationships with contractors, but if not, HPS can help. Most clients have need of small repair services. HPS provides licensed, insured and professional services for these needs that are a refreshing alternative to fly-by-night handymen.

    Improving your home should be fun and enjoyable, but the management of even a small project can be overwhelming. Assembling and directing the right players can become frustrating, time consuming, and risky. We can help you evaluate the feasibility of a proposed project, then screen, organize and manage a team of proven professionals, contractors, architects, and product vendors to see it to fruition.

    Considering a larger project for your home? Imagine this…

    • An enjoyable experience. A builder with good communication skills, integrity, caring, and humility.
    • A devoted, passionate building team. We love what we do!
    • Seasoned in-house talent with decades of experience.
    • Quality, durable craftsmanship creates immediate value and peace of mind.
    • A guild culture of constant innovation and knowledge sharing.
    • Exclusivity. We serve only Stewardship subscribers who get our full attention!

    HPS’s construction division began in 1984 and is nearing its 40th anniversary. We have become one of the area’s most successful, experienced, and innovative residential contractors for one simple reason, it is our passion! We love to build, and we love to build well.

    HPS’s Stewardship services evolved from helping our early building clients better care for their finished projects. So, construction is truly our heritage. This allows us to offer our subscribers something totally unique! True Stewardship. Not only do we stand by our completed Special Project work, we maintain it properly too!

    The Special Projects team at HPS delivers to our subscribers the highest possible value for work performed. If quality and a more honest and enjoyable experience matters to you for your next project or improvement…Special Projects is ready to serve.


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    Find out how we can help you maximize your investment and take back your weekends!