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    How the nicest landscapes stay that way!

    HPS believes your home should serve as refuge and sanctuary for you and your family. A safe place to rest, recharge and refresh...and it also represents an enormous financial investment. Yard improvements make up the costliest component of your home. The replacement value of landscaping ranges upward from $25/sq ft to almost infinity. That’s $50,000 for the average 2000 square foot home. The amount and quality of plantings, irrigation, fences, hardscape, and custom features like pools, firepits, fountains, spas, trellis/arbors, outdoor kitchens etc. can easily reach a million dollars.

    Here’s the problem, your landscape takes a beating. This enormous investment is exposed 24×7 to harsh outdoor elements, plants outgrow their positions and are subject to gophers, insects, water changes, lack of fertilization and disease. Proper maintenance is critical for full enjoyment, long life, and maximum return on investment.

    Unlike amateur mow-blow-and go providers, HPS’s Landscape Stewardship is a carefully crafted and tested system that provides affordable horticultural-level professional care. Our workers are well-trained, full-time employees led and managed by seasoned expert staff.

    Landscape Stewardship consists of an evaluation, recommendations for repairs and upgrades, a maintenance program custom designed for your home and executed by trained professional crews. Your landscape’s condition is continually monitored by experienced horticulturists with reports and recommendations to ensure a thriving asset to your home.

    Maintenance programs are customized and include weeding, mowing, pruning, debris removal, thinning, specimen replacements, along with the monitoring, repair and adjustment as needed of irrigation, fertilizer application, plant growth and lighting.

    HPS’s Landscape Stewardship management team is headed by coordinator Nathan Purdum, and horticulturist Jesse Craven. Together they represent years of professional experience, plus they are dedicated and passionate about their work.

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    Find out how we can help you maximize your investment and take back your weekends!