Is there arsenic in your water?

Water has a lot of people talking these days, but did you know that the EPA regulated levels of arsenic in drinking water may be making you sick?

The maximum “safe” level of arsenic in water is 10 parts per billion, but by no means does that mean healthy water. Arsenic naturally occurs in rock and seeps into water systems in the ground, so most high levels of arsenic are found in, but not restricted to, private wells. Arsenic can also seep into your water from old treated wood, as well as run-off pollution from copper and coal production.

So how do you go about determining arsenic levels?

If you are on city water, you can access information about your water quality by searching ‘your city state water quality report’. Some states do not always report their quality levels, but are required by law to provide the information to you. Just call your city or utility company and ask for a report.

If you have a private well, you will have to pay for a quality test. Our partners at Healthy Building Science can help you determine what and how much is in your water, and work out solutions if you need them.

Concerned you may have Arsenic Poisoning?

Most individuals suffering from slight arsenic poisoning detox naturally once they begin drinking filtered water, but should still make a trip to the doctor to receive medical advice and corrective treatments (if necessary) . Educate yourself on the dangers of arsenic- even at low doses – which include hair loss, tingling, warts, skin discoloration, even cancer and diabetes. See below for some extra information:


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