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    How to burn your house down without even trying!

    How to burn your house down without even trying!

    Do you own a magnifier mirror? If so, we recommend you be careful where you mount it because it could be a fire danger!

    In the photo below, see the dark diagonal lines on the window trim? Those are burns etched more than 3/8” into the wood. They were caused by sunlight reflecting off of a magnifier type make-up mirror. You can see the chrome mounting plate for the mirror which we removed.

    Here’s a closer view:

    As you can see, the burning happened several times. Some of the burns even show smoke stains where the wood was clearly on fire or close to it. Our lucky HPS Stewardship customer did not even know.  

    If there had been anything more flammable in the area, like curtains or a paper blind the house would surely have gone up in flames.

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