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    What is included in the Home Stewardship Program?

    Home Stewardship is a convenient, one-call maintenance service comprised of 260 efficiently bundled tasks. These tasks are key to slowing deterioration, keeping your home looking great and reducing surprise repairs. With Home Stewardship you can enjoy your home without the worry and hassle. We schedule, complete and document all the work for you and we are available 24×7 for emergency assistance in case you need it.

    Home Stewardship combines the expertise of inspectors, specialty contractors, handymen, and more into a single consolidated service, efficiently delivered in four convenient seasonal visits.

    We can do this because we have identified services that are crucial to the proper function and long life of your home and specially trained our technicians across multiple and often non-related trades to perform these specific tasks. This allows us to do in one trip what would normally require expensive visits from a dozen or more separate contractors.

    An annual subscription to Home Preservation’s Home Stewardship Program provides several integrated services for one fee (billed quarterly):

    • Quarterly visits to perform seasonal checklists of preventive maintenance tasks.
    • Perform ongoing inspections and prepare recommended action lists at every visit.
    • Detailed record keeping of each visit.
    • 24×7 emergency support.
    • Access to professional small repair services, troubleshooting services, large project management services and project consulting at affordable fees. Our ability to bundle services together in convenient and efficient trips keeps prices reasonable and affordable.

    What makes Home Stewardship green?

    Taking care of your home by performing a disciplined and aggressive maintenance program is one of the most sustainable things you can do for the environment. Homes that are well cared for use less energy, less water, last longer and are safer for both inhabitants and neighbors. Home Stewardship is designed around sustainability and each item on our checklists clearly indicates the environmental effects of our work.

    Do I need a whole house inspection?

    Although not required, regular inspections are the most valuable component of any maintenance program and we highly recommend them. If you have not had a whole house inspection in the last few years you may be surprised to find out how many subtle changes have occurred in the condition of your home. The HPS initial exam is unique in that it is geared toward the long-term care of the home. Professional inspectors examine details in, under, over and around your home. Equipment and appliances are documented to allow efficient service as the need arises. A report is provided showing the condition of your home, any special maintenance needs and repairs that may be recommended. This report allows you to plan and take control. During each quarterly visit, follow-up inspections are also performed on the portions of the home where work is being performed so that the entire home is covered once every year.

    My house is new. Why do I need HPS’s services?

    The maintenance needs of a new house are the same as that of a 50-year-old house. The difference in condition between the two is the amount of deferred maintenance that exists after 50 years of inadequate care. New homes can stay new longer with regular maintenance. In fact, the manufacturers of the equipment and appliances in a new home require routine services to keep the warranty valid. The best time to start a preventive maintenance program is when the home is brand new. The next best time is now.

    How does the Home Stewardship Program cost compared to the alternatives?

    If you want your home to stay in great condition all of the time, no other company offers what we do at any price. Nevertheless, because we are able to bundle many services in just four efficiently planned seasonal visits during the year, our package price is a fraction of what you would pay to individual contractors for the same work. Our maintenance service cost comparison shows an example of the price advantages you will enjoy. The proactive Home Stewardship Program not only prolongs the life of your home but can help you avoid costly repair expenses by catching small issues before they become big problems. The service easily pays for itself with the avoidance of a single catastrophic failure.

    Is the Home Stewardship Program a warranty?

    No. Unlike a home warranty, which is insurance to partially replace specific appliances after they have failed, HPS provides preventive services on over 260 components of the home as recommended by the manufacturer. HPS can catch many problems before they have a chance to fail catastrophically. In addition, these services extend the life of the critical components and allow for safer, healthier living.

    Is the HomeCare Program cost effective?

    Regular preventive maintenance is extremely cost effective in both direct and life cycle analysis. Cost savings are realized directly through more efficient operation of equipment thus saving energy and water and also through improved durability and extended life of structure and components. Home Stewardship can also prevent many surprise repairs. HPS takes cost effectiveness to the next level by providing professional technicians cross-trained to service most areas of the home quickly and efficiently. This avoids having to find, screen, hire and manage dozens of specialty contractors that would otherwise be needed. While at your home, our technicians can take care of many of the annoying punch list items that are often so difficult and expensive to accomplish yourself.

    What's the difference between Home Stewardship and Special Projects

    HPS Stewardship clients have exclusive access to our elite contracting (Special Projects) division. It is like having a general contractor on retainer at all times. Do you have questions about construction? Buying or selling a property? Thinking of a major upgrade or remodel? If you want straight answers, or just advice on the feasibility of a possible project, simply make an appointment to talk to us. The first hour is free and any consulting time is credited to the project if you decide to move forward.

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