HPS provides Stewardship services for homeowners throughout the San Francisco Peninsula. You may not have heard of Stewardship services before. That’s OK. Even now, it’s not a well-known concept. But if you are a wise homeowner it can have a magical effect on how you live.

In 1984 during his early building career, our founder Steve Spratt was deeply moved after witnessing rare and expensive redwood deck materials ruined prematurely through lack of maintenance. In response, Steve conceived, and began developing a system that would identify and perform all the maintenance needed for the typical homeowner. By 1995 the concept was fully developed, and Home Preservation Services Inc. began delivering the new Stewardship services to homeowners.

Since 1995 HPS has grown steadily and currently provides services to several hundred fine homes on the SF Peninsula. The combined market value of the properties under care at HPS exceeds $2B. We are most proud of the fact that many of the first homes that signed on with us in 1995 are still with us today.

HPS is a family run organization and the second generation of the founders is about to take the reins to continue the legacy. Our entire organization is committed to helping homeowners take better care of their homes and to delivering the service with the utmost care and pride.

With deep roots in the Los Altos/Palo Alto community, HPS has served many famous, and not-so famous homeowners who have also helped grow and pioneer our magical Silicon Valley.

We look forward to helping you and all local homeowners take better care of their homes for many years to come.


Our mission is to transform the experience of home ownership with our unique Stewardship systems that maintain, repair and improve people’s homes and lives. Stewardship removes the burdens of homeownership allowing homes to become nurturing spaces where our clients can thrive, re-energize and ultimately do whatever they do, better.

Home Preservation Manual

HPS also supports homepreservationmanual.com or HPM. HPM provides free information about homeownership in the form of a home user guide and manual to assist and encourage people in taking better care of their properties.

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The Stewardship Crew

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