"They have a checklist of items to look at every time they come out, so I don't have to think of everything because they know what to look at."

— Robert O.

"I like the fact that they do the things that I need to get done, not just the regular things. I can put things on a list and they take care of them."

— Betsy F.

Well, it's great that I don't have to think about these things. They come four times a year and just take care of things.

— Carol S.

The dependability and the quality of work. As time went on, I got to feel that I could trust their judgment in what needed to be done. If there was something that they say that needed to be replaced, I had no questions. I trusted their judgment. I think part of it, too, was the employees that came out each quarter were the same ones. There got to be a relationship made. That's part of it. In the last one, it was a new group that came out. Although I had no questions, they were very professional. Still, by then, I had trusted the pattern of how they worked. That was not a problem. Initially, the first two visits or three visits, because it was the same people, and I had already seen them three months prior, there was just more of a comfort zone. I'm home, but I don't follow them around. As they're working throughout my house, there's just a level of comfort and trust.

— Dina C.

“Well, let me back this up just a little bit. Steve remodeled my house in 1989/90 And during the course of that, we talked about different problems that come up. I said now that I'm getting the house going here, what I really need is somebody to maintain it because my husband travels a great deal, and even if he didn't travel, he doesn't know that much about taking care of things around the house.”

— Mary H.

As usual, the guys were fantastic.


— Jeanne K.

Well, I'm by myself, and it's kind of a reassurance for me to have the quarterly care if you will. And they were always pretty good about checking things and telling me what needed to be done, etc. 

— Rosalee D.

In our household, "Home Preservation Services" could easily be renamed "Marriage Preservation Service" because it makes me a hero, and all I have to do is write a check. Seriously, all the things that you know you are supposed to do to be a good homeowner but that somehow you never quite get around to doing, that entire 'Honey-do' jar, you get to hand off to these folks, and they just take care of it. This is my favorite bill to pay.

— Geoffrey M.

"I like the communication we have. Since I live across the country, we are able to communicate with them and have not just the basic things that need to be done, but anything additional needs my tenants have."

— Kathryn J.

I have been using them for years.  They are professional, punctual, and trustworthy.  They even come out to the house to water plants while we are out of town.

— Angie's List Review