Special Projects

Improving your home should be fun and enjoyable, but the management of even a small project can be overwhelming. Assembling and directing the right players can become frustrating, time consuming, and risky. Acting as your "Owner's Representative", Steve Spratt, President and Founder of HPS, can help you evaluate the feasibility of a proposed project, then screen, organize and manage a team of proven professionals, contractors, architects, and product vendors to see it to fruition. Steve saves clients time, frustration and "big bucks" by steering you clear of costly mistakes, improving communication, organizing the construction process, and providing oversight and quality control in multiple key areas.

Steve has over 35 years of successful general contracting experience to share on behalf of our clients. He has been a pioneer in rainwater harvesting, Cradle to Cradle product design, a charter member of the Green Builder Coalition, building biology, design for environmental sensitivity, EMF radiation mitigation and general sustainable construction.

During the design phase Steve brings a wealth of experience to your table helping to balance high value, long-term thinking priorities such as ease of maintenance and durability with the obvious comfort, aesthetic and cost considerations.

Steve offers services at key stages of the project:

  1. Project Feasibility: including Client counseling, permit issues and preliminary budgets and schedules.
  2. Assembly of project design team: Manage selection process for Architects, designers, engineers and specialty applications.
  3. Design Feasibility: Revisit and confirm budget, scheduling estimates
  4. Contractor Selection: Invite, screen and manage the contractor selections
  5. Construction management: Provide contractor management and over site as Owner Representative including:
  • Quality Control
  • Coordinating design and construction team efforts
  • Schedule management
  • Budget Management
  • As-Built Documentation
  • Initial Start-up and training

     6. Post construction: Use/maintenance training and hand-off project to Client