Maintenance Program


  • 260 Point Service Plan
  • Quarterly Service Appointments
  • Built-In Regular Inspections
  • Recommended Action List Repairs
  • Repair Services at Client Direction
  • Project Management Services at Client Direction

Our HomeCare program provides you and your family with a property that is:

  • Safer
  • More Durable
  • More Valuable
  • More Efficient
  • Less Costly to Operate


HPS is founded on the principles of sustainability. We believe that providing proper maintenance services for our existing inventory of properties is a very powerful act of environmental conservation. Preserving the existing environment that we have already paid so dearly for in capital, natural resources and energy is not only the responsible thing to do, but is also a highly sustainable act. Homes that operate efficiently use less water and energy. Well maintained homes last longer and require fewer repairs meaning less raw materials and energy are needed for replacement parts. Additionally, homes in good condition are safer and far more enjoyable to live in. Valuing what we have and making it work better and last longer is good for the environment and our mental health.