HPS Supply Kits

HPS believes that a "nice home" has the right bulb in each fixture. When the entry sconces greet you and your guests with a warm, unified glow and the eight matching candelabra's in the chandelier accentuate your dining room place settings perfectly, the whole home becomes more inviting and showcases a higher level of attention to care and detail. HPS has helped instill this level of pride in our client homes by creating the HPS Supply Kit, a complete indoor and outdoor bulb inventory program to guarantee the HPS technician will always have the bulb they need on hand. With the HPS Supply Kit, our clients conserve on time, gas, and money that would otherwise spent on trips to retrieve specialty bulbs during a maintenance visit or in between the periods our quarterly Maintenance visits.

Supply Kits are available with a $250 one-time fee and include:

  • 10% discount on bulbs from Batteries & Bulbs, Sunnyvale, CA
  • 1-4 hour walkthrough to inventory the details of every fixture and lamp, both indoor and outdoor
  • Free expert advice on lighting options from David Holl, owner of Batteries & Bulbs
    • Includes modern LED lighting demonstrations and information on request
  • Map of home with corresponding list of bulb locations and types
  • Organized, labeled storage delivered to your home on or before your first or next maintenance visit