9 Things guaranteed to get you under your water budget!!


Just a few surefire tips to help you do your part to conserve water:

Proper CFL Disposal

CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Bulbs) are commonplace in many homes, being highly desirable for their high energy savings in comparison to incandescent bulbs. But CFLs contain small amounts of mercury that when disposed incorrectly can leak out into the environment. 

California law states that all CFLs must be recycled. These businesses will recycle your CFLs for free:

The Seven Deadly Gutter Sins


How well do you know your gutters?


Lapka-A Personal Environment Monitor for the iPhone

A new and exciting accessory and App for the iPhone is estimated to be hitting the stores in December- The Personal Environment Monitor: Lapka.

Radioactive Granite in Your Kitchen

Granite is increasingly a "must have" for the kitchen, but did you know that most granite is slightly radioactive?

Tired of mowing your lawn?

Dislike mow and blow services? Take back your weekends with Lawnbott, a tireless, nearly silent lawn mowing robot. 

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